Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free (and Legal!) Music!

I while ago I posted about legal ways to get some software. Well now I'm here to talk about free and legal music through the nifty website Jamendo. Jamendo is a music site that lets you download music of artists who are trying to get their names out there, so you just might end up listening to the next be thing!

You can donate money to the artists if it turns out that you really enjoy their music and want to help out. Though the music may be free, if you want to use it in something like your own works (games or movies) or play it in your store/shop that will cost you money, you'll need to pay for the licensing fees - so in short, personal use free, commercial use not free.

The website also allows those who want to get their music out there to join and get some free exposure as well. The users can even sign up so that should their music be used for commercial use, they gets cash in their pocket too!

To visit the site just click this link.
And if your a jazz fan, you might like this page as well! ;3

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