Saturday, July 9, 2011

Computer Memory (RAM)

I never posted anything on this site so I thought this might be a good start. I'd like to try and explain ram in the computer. The more ram in the computer the smoother it runs, it can make multitasking easier, this might help.

Think of a Librarian (Your computer). Everyday someone would ask for a particular book (The program you want to use), but to get that book she would have to go all the way to the shelf in back of the library (your hard drive) to get the book.
The Librarian one day buys a backpack (Ram) where now when someone asks for a book she keeps a copy of the book in the backpack so when someone needs it again, she can quickly grab it from the backpack instead of going to shelf all the way in the back of the library. So in this case the bigger the backpack the more books she can carry.

I hope this helps! ;3