About me

I am Josue Tavarez. Online I go by Lucas Azazer (or Lucky Azazer if that user name is ever taken.). I am a college student at AIU studying Information Technology, but am a pretty average ( not too advance) computer user. I made this blog and it stayed empty for a long while until I found what I wanted to blog about, simple little computer tips and recommendations that I thought might be useful to some people.

I hope the posts help! ;3
I am realizing that there is no consistency in my posts as to when I post them. I'm going to try posting every Wednesday and Friday twice every month, to have posts up by the end of 14th and 24th (By that I mean they will be up on the 15th and 25th Eastern USA/Canada), and maybe a third in between which I'll dedicate to anything that pops up in my head. These are my plans for the new 2012 year!