Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ubuntu, The Free OS!

Need to install a new operating system (OS)? Maybe you're selling an old computer of which you have wiped everything off of, or maybe you want to try something different from you Windows OS? Well than I have some good news for you! There are free alternative OSs for you to use, there's many! But We'll focus on one called Ubuntu! 

Ubuntu is a free Linux-based operating system that is quick and secure! There are many updates and restrictions that wont allow virus to just enter your system, and should you share files with another computer running windows, should you bring in a file that is not so trust worthy you're Ubuntu OS will not be infected, but bringing it out and back to another Windows OS will infect that OS!

The Ubuntu OS has also been going down new designs of late, and they're pretty good! The designs are getting better and better (My own opinion). There is a icon bar (Which some people will be reluctant to tell you is similar to Windows 7 "Super bar") to the left of the screen and will hide when coming into contact with a window to allow you to focus on the task. There is also a nice feature called lenses which is organized into categories such as applications or music in a full screen manner which is (Again in my opinion) really nice.

 They also have a their own software center where you can get a bevy of applications to download be it free or for money (Just about all of it free). The software center is... the closet thing that come to mind in comparison at the moment is the Android store. 

 Ubuntu isn't risky to try either! You can download it burn it on a DVD, and try it from the disk as demo before you install it (Live CD). The Live CD is also useful because you can also access files from you hard drive regardless of the permissions Windows has put on it. So if your Windows OS shouldn't work one day, and wont let you into the computer, you can recover your files with this. 
You can also run it besides Windows to keep both OS (maybe to play around with it more, or use one OS for one thing, the other for another, your choice). The OS will be installed in Windows and can be uninstalled like a any other program in Windows.

Now the only problems with Ubuntu is that many of your Windows applications will not run on this OS (Windows programs run on Ubuntu run through a program called Wine, which is a free download through the software program). It's not too much of a problem though, since there are many free alternatives available (MS Office does work though!). Another problem is you can't play mainstream games, while there are great games on Ubuntu, chances are you wont be able to play that newest title you saw in "Insert gaming magazine/show name here". This isn't to big of a problem unless you are a PC gamer. After 4 great years with Ubuntu I ended up going back to windows to play computer games on Steam (I don't own those new gaming consoles).
>>You can download the OS here.
>> And if you would like to see the OS in play you can see OMGUbuntu's Video here.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Youtube's Cosmic Panda!

For those who do not know and love to spend their time in Youtube, there is a new theme Google is coming out with. I believe everyone is aware of Google grand theme reformation on all their services, creating a cleaner more unique look, First it was Google Plus, Google itself, it's email service and now Youtube!

I personally love it! It's not perfect (My opinion, than it might be that I was too accustomed to the old YouTube feel). But everything is a bit more organized, and the there seems to be more focus on the video player (and advert right next to it) which I love! Right now you can take a look at theme and even send feedback to Google as well!  If you do use the theme clearing your cookies will remove it.

You can try theme out for yourself here!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free Photo Editing Software, GIMP!

Does image manipulation/editing fit your fancy? Do you want to try your hand at it but don't want to pay for such expensive software, such as Adobe's PhotoShop? Well than, I have some good news for you! There is free software for download called GIMP, which stands for Gnu Image Manipulation Program. The program is very powerful for anyone's image editing needs whether it be someone who's been doing so for a long time, or an amateur who wants to dip their foot into the water. With tons of filters options, and tools GIMP will serve its users well! Don't think just because it's a free program that it can't stand up to the big names like that of Adobe PhotsShop or Corel Paintshop.

The link to the GIMP webpage is right here!

The K-Lite Codec Pack!

The K-lite codec pack is a small installation file that will allow you to play just about any video or music extension on your computer's video player (Think of those .MKV and .FLAC files). To those who download a lot of subbed anime, this is very useful!

K-lite is great in that it exterminates the need of downloading extra video player software that have the codecs installed with them (besides the Windows 7 Video player is so nice you might not want to use anything else). As a final note, there are different types of codec packs they offer depending on your needs, though, I recommend the standard.
To those interested in downloading the link is right here.

>>>>As a side note, if you are one of those installers who simply press yes/next through all the options without giving a passing glance, I would consider taking your time through un-checking options such as installing the classic media player and not showing certain icons on your system tray.

Free (and Legal!) Music!

I while ago I posted about legal ways to get some software. Well now I'm here to talk about free and legal music through the nifty website Jamendo. Jamendo is a music site that lets you download music of artists who are trying to get their names out there, so you just might end up listening to the next be thing!

You can donate money to the artists if it turns out that you really enjoy their music and want to help out. Though the music may be free, if you want to use it in something like your own works (games or movies) or play it in your store/shop that will cost you money, you'll need to pay for the licensing fees - so in short, personal use free, commercial use not free.

The website also allows those who want to get their music out there to join and get some free exposure as well. The users can even sign up so that should their music be used for commercial use, they gets cash in their pocket too!

To visit the site just click this link.
And if your a jazz fan, you might like this page as well! ;3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hey! I haven't posted in a while, and to that I say... sorry! I lost my internet connection for a while, couldn't really afford the AT&T plan here, but am now with Comcast! I'll try posting a bit more to make up for my absent time!

Also, there seems to be some cool new templates now too! I'm going to try them out for a bit! ;3

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dropbox - Your anywhere jump-drive!

Before I start, let me paint a scenario. You've written a very important 7-page essay for your professor, it has a major impact on your final grade. You fail this class and you'll be paying to take the same class again! You get to school and realize that you left your essay in your jump drive, no problem except.... YOU LEFT IT AT HOME!!!

Well Dropbox can fix this! Dropbox is an online service that works (How I like to describe) as a jump-drive you keep online, so you always have access to it! You install it on your computer and it will create a folder called "Dropbox" when you put a file into that folder your dropbox account online will be sync with that folder (They will be the same!). Also, if you have installed Dropbox on a another computer those folders (Including the online) will work to be exactly the same (No OS discrimination! It can be a PC, Mac, or Linux, they will be the same)!
*You can access your files from your web browser with out installing dropbox, so no need to install it on every computer you touch just to reach your files.

The Dropbox service is free, but will only give you 2 Gigs (Which is perfect for documents and small files). If you want more space you are going to have to pay, but you can get more space for free if you invite other people to join Dropbox through your account.

Lets play that scenario again, after remembering you left your essay in your jump drive (which is at home) you jump to your nearest computer, get on Internet Explorer (Chrome, Firefox, whatever) and simply download the file from your Dropbox account and print! Happy ending, hooray!
*Now you just have to remember to put the files in you drop box folder.

If you're interested in starting your own free account, the link is right here >
There is also a nifty video on the page which give a great explanation of the service in case mine wasn't all too great.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Domain Names!!!

Hey! Have you been wanting to give your website some flare or a bit more professionalism? Maybe by simply getting a professional Domain Name? Like "" or "", instead of "" or ""? The only problem is that buying these domain names are expensive! Well not anymore!

There is this wonderful website called Dot.TK which, once you make a free account, allows you to get a free domain name! Now you can get that professional sounding "" name and be away with ""! Now while this does sound great, there is a catch... Wait! It's not as bad as you think!

The domain name will expire if less than 25 people use in 90 days, and you keep the domain for only a couple months (One year at most!); but it's not that bad. This is a free service and if your domain name does expire you can simply reuse it afterwards (in the same account too!). The service also allows you to make multiple domain names for multiple sites also for free. And for those worried about losing their other domain you'll still have the other as well. (People will be able to visit the "" as well as the "".)

I'm actually using the service right now!
The link to the site is here >

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miro! A video player and so much more!

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to take some time to type about the program Miro.
Miro is video player that plays just any format you can think of, but that's not all! Miro also allows you to follow podcast (From a site you're familiar with or with their hefty list) and will automatically download them for you to watch at you convenience, but that's not all! It is also a torrenting program allowing to quickly download your torrents, but that's still not all! It's also has an app store for Android devices... And I think that about it.
Edit: It also converts video formats.

It's a great program in my opinion and I use it to watch and keep up to date with tech and gaming review and news with such shows as GeekBeat and GameTrailers.

You can get yourself Miro here at> 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Free (and Legal!) software.

"DreamSpark is simple:

It’s about giving students Microsoft professional tools at no charge."

I thought this might be useful for some folks. Free software from Microsoft. Its a rather laong list, mostly made for programmers  including programs like: Visual studio express, Kinnect for windows SDK, Windows Phone 7 app hub, and the list just goes on. The link for the site is here >

The site basically reads If you're a student you can get free software, though when I downloaded the software myself it didn't ask for too much verification, aside from my email.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Computer Memory (RAM)

I never posted anything on this site so I thought this might be a good start. I'd like to try and explain ram in the computer. The more ram in the computer the smoother it runs, it can make multitasking easier, this might help.

Think of a Librarian (Your computer). Everyday someone would ask for a particular book (The program you want to use), but to get that book she would have to go all the way to the shelf in back of the library (your hard drive) to get the book.
The Librarian one day buys a backpack (Ram) where now when someone asks for a book she keeps a copy of the book in the backpack so when someone needs it again, she can quickly grab it from the backpack instead of going to shelf all the way in the back of the library. So in this case the bigger the backpack the more books she can carry.

I hope this helps! ;3