Sunday, July 15, 2012

MyFaves! Your New Home Page!

Hey! Long time no Blog! Sorry about that! Anyway...!

I wanted to share a website that I have fallen in love with and have made my homepage! It’s MyFaves! It’s a great, simple, and customizable website that you create with links to your favorite pages! My favorite part is how it’s customizable and simple it is! You don’t see that too much. Usually you may receive too many options services like this and create something that looks ugly, but I’m getting ahead of myself!

This is a site that you create but adding links of the sites that you frequent as your homepage. The links are set up in the form of icons. MyFaves will give you a list of popular sites to choose from whose icons will appear on the page. If for some reason they don’t have the site that you are looking for you can choose from a catalog of icons those which you believe best symbolizes the website you wish to add and simply attach the URL to it. MyFaves has a decent choice of backgrounds to choose from as well, making your page feel a bit more personal. The site works so well that creating an unpleasant looking page is very difficult- in fact I dare anyone to try, because the results are always gorgeous!

Signing up doesn’t require much, except that you have to sign in with using a Twitter, Facebook, Google, or OpenID account. Afterwards you can easily access your page by simply using the URL you create. My page for example is

The site can be found  Here