Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lost a File? Recuva It!

Have you ever accidentally deleted one of your files? Maybe the before that file you deleted is now for some reason the one you need today! Well than no problem, because there is Recuva!

Recuva is software made by Piriform, which makes some great PCsoftware, this specific piece of software will help you find your deleted files very easily! When the program is opened you will be guided through a wizard which will ask you a couple of questions to try and give you better results when looking for you file the first questions you will be asked will be what type of file. The choices range from pictures, music, documents, video, compressed, emails, and if you are not searching for any of those types of files you can click others. Once you know what file you are looking for you will then be asked where the file was last stored. You are able to choose from a group of locations such as external hard drives, my documents, your recycling bin, or even choose a more specific location, though, again if you are not sure where you can always choose the “I’m not sure” option. It might take a little while but when the scan is complete you will get a list of your deleted files from which you can choose where you want your recovered file to be saved. 

 Now when lists the files you will notice a color ranging from green, yellow, and red. These colors are the status of your file Green being the best case scenario for recovery and red being the worst. For an improved chance of recoverability it is also recommended that the file location of the recovered file you pick be in a separate hard drive, but you don’t have to if you cannot. Now if for some reason you did not see the file you were looking for, what you can do is go back through the wizard and after going through the same questions there will be a check box called “Deep Scan”. If you do choose the Deep Scan option though, the time for the scan can take much longer, but might prove worth it

You can download your own copy of Recuva from Piriforms website here (I suggest the free version!)


  1. Does this really work even if I pressed Shift + Del ? O_O oooh.

    1. I believe so, I think all that does is skip the recycle bin, so it should work just fine. ^^