Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lefora, Start Your Own Free Forum Community

Lefora.com is a great way to host your own Forum! Do you want to start your own community? Have a rather large group and are growing than you will want Lefora! Lefora is a service that will allow you to host your own forum for free. There a ton of features to use from this service. When you start out you will have to find a name for your forum. After you name your forum you will have some choices of looks for your forum: Juice which is a more modern looking feel, which just looks extravagant! The second choice is the Classic feature which has nice clean simple look to it, and is more reminiscent of the forum look everyone is familiar with. If you are not happy with the look of your forum, no worries, you will have even more options for themes and colors in the options! 

As your forums Admin you will be given a lot of power! You can choose to have other people become Admins or Moderators, even Banned those pesky trolls and trouble makers too. If you are making a forum for a specific group you can make it so that anyone who wants to join your forum has to get permission from, you, the admin first, even control if you will allow anonymous people to reply to threads on the forum or who can post in what thread. As the Admin you will be able to see a list of your users and warn them if they are close to being banned, you can also invite others into your forum and send a mass email to all your members in case there is something you want them all to know. 

One of my own favorite features is the rankings your posters will get for being active on the forum. When reaching a certain amount of posts they will be given titles, it gives a little incentive for users to be active. These titles can be anything you want them to be, and the goal for the title can also be set by you as well. One example is that you can set it so that when they reach < 50 posts it says “Great Poster” and when they reach <200 posts the rank would change to “Respect me! I'm a forum veteran!”

I’ve already said that Lefora is a free service, but there is an upgrade service. On the forum there will be adverts (In my opinion they don’t bother much) regarding the type of content on the site. But when you upgrade there will be no more adverts on the forum. You will also be given 5GB of storage and 50GB/month Bandwidth as opposed to the 2GB of storage and 10GB/month Bandwidth. The upgrade will also allow you to have a custom domain name (Your default is a YOURNAMEHERE.lefra.com) and customer support through email, not only that but you will be given $25 worth of Ad promotion from Yahoo and something called a VIP Badge which I imagine is simply a title thing to let others know you have upgraded.

I personally think that the free package is enough and if you want a domain name to simply go with a free .TK domain name.

A link to the Lefora site can be found here.
And for more information on the free .TK Domain name visit my old post here.


  1. ooooh. i think i'll try this one if ever I'll decide to create a forum. :p

    1. Yeah! It's a great and fun service, but gathering a large and active community is the difficult part.