Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ubuntu, The Free OS!

Need to install a new operating system (OS)? Maybe you're selling an old computer of which you have wiped everything off of, or maybe you want to try something different from you Windows OS? Well than I have some good news for you! There are free alternative OSs for you to use, there's many! But We'll focus on one called Ubuntu! 

Ubuntu is a free Linux-based operating system that is quick and secure! There are many updates and restrictions that wont allow virus to just enter your system, and should you share files with another computer running windows, should you bring in a file that is not so trust worthy you're Ubuntu OS will not be infected, but bringing it out and back to another Windows OS will infect that OS!

The Ubuntu OS has also been going down new designs of late, and they're pretty good! The designs are getting better and better (My own opinion). There is a icon bar (Which some people will be reluctant to tell you is similar to Windows 7 "Super bar") to the left of the screen and will hide when coming into contact with a window to allow you to focus on the task. There is also a nice feature called lenses which is organized into categories such as applications or music in a full screen manner which is (Again in my opinion) really nice.

 They also have a their own software center where you can get a bevy of applications to download be it free or for money (Just about all of it free). The software center is... the closet thing that come to mind in comparison at the moment is the Android store. 

 Ubuntu isn't risky to try either! You can download it burn it on a DVD, and try it from the disk as demo before you install it (Live CD). The Live CD is also useful because you can also access files from you hard drive regardless of the permissions Windows has put on it. So if your Windows OS shouldn't work one day, and wont let you into the computer, you can recover your files with this. 
You can also run it besides Windows to keep both OS (maybe to play around with it more, or use one OS for one thing, the other for another, your choice). The OS will be installed in Windows and can be uninstalled like a any other program in Windows.

Now the only problems with Ubuntu is that many of your Windows applications will not run on this OS (Windows programs run on Ubuntu run through a program called Wine, which is a free download through the software program). It's not too much of a problem though, since there are many free alternatives available (MS Office does work though!). Another problem is you can't play mainstream games, while there are great games on Ubuntu, chances are you wont be able to play that newest title you saw in "Insert gaming magazine/show name here". This isn't to big of a problem unless you are a PC gamer. After 4 great years with Ubuntu I ended up going back to windows to play computer games on Steam (I don't own those new gaming consoles).
>>You can download the OS here.
>> And if you would like to see the OS in play you can see OMGUbuntu's Video here.


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